Learning Golf While Having Fun. Our golf course is located in the heart of Singapore. You can play the course seven days a week.

Champions Golf Academy (CGA) aims to bring to Champions Golf Course & Driving Range, the broadest possible learning experience in all areas of the game of golf.

CGA’s motto is ‘Learning Golf While Having Fun’. Our driving range facilities, golf course and ‘country like’ atmosphere certainly present the individual with the best opportunity to learn in this manner.

There are a wide range of programs to suit all individuals, families and groups including ½ hour or 1 hour advisory sessions, 5 x 1 hour, 10 x 1 hour, 12 x 2 hour, monthly programs and on-course learning as well as ‘Golf Schools In Paradise’, which can range from ½ day schools to 5 day schools – unique for Singapore.

Founder and Director at Champions Golf, Alan Murray has designed these programs, some of which are being utilised for the first time in Singapore at Champions Golf. These include the ‘Golf Schools in Paradise’ and the ‘Search for Champions and Lifestyle Education for Juniors’ – (Consisting of 10 Modules of 12 sessions each).

We aim to:

Build the Asian champions of the 21st century by teaching golfers our unique formula – ‘Principles of Success in Golf’

Coach and educate all golfers of all levels in all aspects of the game.

Set up ‘Coaching the Coaches’ programs to improve the level of coaching in the region.

CGA offer a wide range of programs for members at very good prices.

* These include individual, family and groups from half hour and one hour sessions to five x 1 hour, ten x 1 hour, six x 1 ½ hour, 12 x 2 hour, on course management, corporate seminars and our unique ‘Golf Schools in Paradise’ with a choice of the following programs & day, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days 4 days, 5 days, and traveling golf schools!

* The unique ‘Search for Champions and Lifestyle Education for Juniors’ programme designed by Alan Murray, Founder and Director of Champions Golf Academy Pte Ltd with his lifetime involvement in the game, both at world class tournament level and decades of coaching golfers of all ages and abilities.