If I had to pick the most common mistake I see in my day, it would be the classic scoop.

And here he is…!


The scooper imagines he needs to get under the ball to get it up in the air when in fact, it is the total opposite. The scooper will most likely top the ball or slice it, when and he or she makes decent contact and that won’t be often.

Here is something to keep in mind. The loft on the clubhead creates the trajectory of the shot and not height.

It’s the backspin that creates the height. To get that backspin, we need a descending clubhead at impact and not ascending!

Scooping will get you the latter because the clubhead will get to the ball too early and will be on it’s way up at impact. You then top the ball… unless you get lucky and then a slice will be the result. Sound familiar?

We need to get the butt end of the golf club back to the ball before the clubhead arrives for a shallow angle of decent, but the scooper can’t do that because he is trying to get “under” the ball. That will cause his shoulders, arms and hands to initiate the downswing – never a good thing.

Check out the photo of me on the right at impact. My hands and the butt of the club have got to the ball ever so slightly ahead of the clubhead. My body, especially the lower part, has turned out of the way and my right foot is beginning to lift. My weight is shifting to my front foot at impact. So….my impact position is NOT the same as the setup setup position, Mr Scooper is back at his set up position.

lee3The secret to sorting all this?

It’s all about rotation. Our body, our arms and the clubhead MUST be rotating on an arc around us all throughout the swing and most definitely at impact. You want to hit it straight ? Then you need to turn left coming down and you need to stop trying to help the ball into the air!!

If any of this sounds familiar…. call me and we can make a start to sorting it out and get you on the road to happier golf.

by Lee


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