Meet the PGA PRO TEAM at Champions Golf!


V Lingam

+65 9824 4479
[email protected]

PGA -singapore-golfers association

Head Professional – Champions Golf Academy
Member – Singapore PGA

ASEAN Circuit Tour Player and Professional Golf Instructor from 1973 -1996
Joined Champions Golf Academy in 1996

Turned 50 in 2003; participating in Senior Tours Events in Australian Senior, Taiwan Senior, Thailand Senior, Malaysian Senior, Indonesian Senior and S. Korean Senior

Winner of Tycoon Invitational for 2007 – 2008

Runner-up for Indonesian Senior, ASM (Asian Seniors Master) for 2008

Curently participating in APCT (Asian Pacific Champions Tours)

42 years of experience in coaching juniors, seniors, beginners, intermediate and professionals

Coaching in S. Korea for Advanced and Professionals from 2006 – 2009

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