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Lee Carrington

+65 9798 5858
[email protected]

Pga Australia member

Professional – Champions Golf Academy
Australian PGA Member

To be a great teaching professional means a combination of knowledge, experience and the ability to impart that knowledge to the student in a way that can be understood and implemented by everyone they teach.

I am a fully accredited Golf Professional with both the Australian PGA Member and Australian Ladies Professional Golf – level 2. I am also a member of the Australian Coaching Council. The Australian PGA is at the pinnacle of Professional Golf Associations and an association that has had its teaching methods and qualification criteria, copied by other PGA’s around the world. It is a standard bearer for professional golf and encompasses every aspect of being a golf professional and not just a “teacher”. With over 17 years of teaching and playing experience as a professional, I am not just a teacher – I am a Golf Professional.

My job is to help you get better – no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. I believe that everyone is different and so there is no “one way” to teach. To that end, I have also worked with people who have had severe handicaps, from amputees to people with spina bifida. So, there is no “one way” – just the way that works best for you. We will work that out together, because this is a partnership and our mission is to get you playing and enjoying this maddening game to its maximum enjoyment.

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